Don't buy a rabbit at Easter

Easter bunnies

March 2021

Easter is seen as a time for new beginnings, Spring has sprung and the days are longer. For some reason the Easter bunny tradition has led to parents buying their children bunnies, usually from a pet shop or breeder because bunnies are cute and fluffy.

Don't buy a rabbit at EasterRabbits do not make good animal friends for children; they don't particularly like being handled unless this has been done from a very young age, they bite, they scratch and need more care than people realise.

Rabbits need access to an exercise area at least 12ft by 12ft, ideally they should have the whole garden to explore and run about in. They need plenty of stimulation to keep them entertained; tunnels, toys, good food, fresh water, cleaning out daily, lots of space, a neutered partner and lots more.

Many, many rabbits are bought and then discarded if they even accidentally scratch or bite a child. Many, many rabbits are discarded because the child gets bored, moaning that the fact that the rabbits don't do anything when they have confined them to a hutch. What can the poor, miserable imprisoned rabbit do?

THIS EASTER if you are thinking about buying a rabbit don't...rescue one instead or if you are unsure as to whether you have the eight/nine year commitment a pair of rabbits need buy a chocolate bunny or cuddly toy bunny instead.

Don't buy a rabbit at Easter

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