Geese, Moorhens and Ducks galore

May 2023

parent and 5 young goslings

For the last nine years we have had the same pair of Canadian Geese visit us and nest on our lake's island. The first year (May - September) they raised five goslings and they stayed with us until they left for far flung shores - when they left we missed them dreadfully.

Since then they haven't ever stayed very long but instead they join up with another pair - safety in numbers perhaps?

This year it was awful when we found the male dead in one of our fields, we wondered what she would do. We left the body where we knew she would see it and she carried on without him. At the start of May all the six eggs hatched and as a single Mum she is doing BRILLIANTLY.

Female goose and six goslings from 2023

Additionally we have our incredible Moorhens have been with us for a few years now, had nine young. Sadly they lost three chicks in the first few days but the other six are doing superbly.

2 of the 6 moorhen chicks

Last but certainly not least a pair of Mallard ducks made a nest in our undergrowth around the lake and at the end of April eleven ducklings appeared with their mum on the lake . They have been showing their independence by zooming round our lake and jumping in the air to catch the midges, a sight that never fails to impress us.


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