• Gracie - the best little hennie in the world!

    Gracie our amazing hen. She was nearly bald when she first came to us and she is blind in one eye, due to this she will remain permanently in our care - we think she is amazing.

  • Cheeky - she has her nose in to everything edible!

    We took on two very cheeky goats that were abandoned at a riding stables. They love each other most of the time and if Cheeky can't see Tiny she bleats like crazy until he appears. They enjoy the freedom of their field and a warm and safe shed at night.

  • Toffee - shyly hiding in the grass

    Toffee was found abandoned in a flat. Sadly there was no knowing how long he had been there but he was fairly skinny and very nervous so it's a safe bet that he was all alone for quite a long time. He is a lovely guinea pig and likes nothing better than coming out into a large run with his friends to nibble away at the grass all day.

  • William our naughty little pig!!

    William is a Kune, Kune pig who was being sold from the back of a van. William is, in my Mum's words, 'Gorgeous!'. He is bright, inquisitive, strong, clever and active little piggie who is one of the lucky ones to have found a home for life with us.

  • U, U2 and William - best of friends

    Our two new lambs U and U2 and William are best of friends and are often seen chewing their way round the field together.

Our work

Why Rescue?
Why Rescue?

Sadly our society as taken a very indifferent attitude towards animals as though they are despensible and are happy to leave someone else to 'mop up' after them - rescuing animals is a full time job and sadly at times can be heartbreaking - please don't buy from a pet shop or breeder always rescue an animal: be part of the solution not part of the problem.

Advice on animals

If you would like more information then our fact sheets are there to offer support and advice to new owners or if you are considering a rescue animal from Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue.


We receive may requests for advice from all over the world please check out our education pages and if you want someone to carry out a talk in your school whether you are a pupil or teacher please do not hesitate to ask and we will gladly try and help.

Cruelty Free logo
Go Cruelty-free

Please check out our cruelty-free pages that show you how easy it is to live a compassionate lifestyle; recipes, cosmetics, humane research we can point you in the right direction! We adore all animals no matter where they are or what species they may be; from the bear imprisoned in a circus to the rat in the laboratory we respect and want to help them all

Our friends

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