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Happy New Year

A belated Happy New Year to all our supporters and many thanks to everyone who supported Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue during 2011 it was most appreciated.

2011 was our first full year since we were set up at the end of 2010, we have helped many animals over the last 12 months and we hope this year will be a better one for all animals.

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Can you re-home an ex-battery hen?

From January 2012, the ‘battery’ cage will be banned in the UK in line with the EU directive. As a result, hens will have to be removed from their cages by 31st December.  Approx 2-4 million hens currently in battery cages will be heading for slaughter this Christmas.

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How to have an animal-friendly Christmas

Christmas – a festive season of eating, drinking, spending and merriment. The streets come alive with twinkling lights, the shops deck their windows with dazzling displays and seasonal spirit and festive cheer fill the air.

At the one time of year when most people are determined to be happy, raising the issue of animal cruelty can make you look like a killjoy, but the truth is that for millions of animals, Christmas celebrations are the cause of considerable cruelty.

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West Midlands Vegan Festival 2011

Many everyone who came to support us at the West Midlands Vegan Festival, it is really good to meet a lot of our supporters face to face. We had lots of great comments about the work we are doing here at Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue.

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FIREWORKS may be beautiful and exciting for us, but for animals they can be terrifying. Cats and dogs are reduced to fearful, shivering wrecks; sheep can spontaneously abort; horses gallop into fences; and rabbits have been known to die from the shock.

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Please sponsor Kelly

One of our brilliant supporters Kelly Ryan is far braver than us!, early next year (2012) Kelly will jump out of a plane in order to raise much needed funds for Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue (yes she will have a parachute...) to sponsor Kelly please click here.

Rescued hens

In September we went to rescue some ex-battery hens. As we helped to empty the crates of the hens one by one from the back of the van, it made us think about the millions of hens that are kept in tiny battery cages for their entire lives.

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Please donate

Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue needs constant financial support to continue their vital work helping animals, so please support us by making a donation today.

Never forget

Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue is in memory of all those animals we have been so fortunate to share our lives with and to those we have never met but have suffered and died in their millions.


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