News 2014

December 2014 Newsletter

Autumn/Winter 2014

CloverThis year has been a quite different and very busy year for us as now we are more settled and have been around for a few years we are finding more and more people contacting us via email wanting us to take their unwanted animals, help wildlife and just sometimes wanting more advice on looking after the animals in their care.

The most unusual phone call we have received this year was one asking us for advice on what to do with a baby otter (pup) found wandering on a golf course next to a river! Our advice was to leave the pup alone and see if the mother would come back – we are pleased to report she did and also that our advice was the same as Iolo Williams (famous Welsh wildlife expert) as they had telephoned him as well!

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Kelly Jumps for Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue!

This month we received a message to say that one of our suppoters Kelly De Mirandis had made her parachute jump.

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December 2013 Newsletter

Summer 2013

The summer, which now seems like a long time ago, was of course the hottest we have ever had. Our water supply was always precarious (we One of our sheeprely on a well and water tanks) and without rain it is used up very quickly - we had to buy water in which was expensive so we are looking to purchase two new water tanks equaling 4,000 litres so that we can prevent anything like this happening again. If you would like to donate to this appeal please click here, many, many thanks. We cannot express how precious water is and we really only learned this after moving here and TOTALLY relying on the rain for our water supply.

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Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue needs constant financial support to continue their vital work helping animals, so please support us by making a donation today.

Never forget

Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue is in memory of all those animals we have been so fortunate to share our lives with and to those we have never met but have suffered and died in their millions.


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