December 2018 Newsletter

​​​​Kizzy Kizzy (right) was rescued back in March 2013 from a breeding hell-hole. She was emaciated and the only thing she would eat was bread. Despite this she was a gentle dog who over the next months became a fit, healthy Rottweiler.

She is brilliant with our other rescued animals even breaking up the occasional fight between different groups of hens (we have yet to capture this on camera).

In March 2018 during the heavy snow I noticed she was dragging her right paw slightly, thinking it was just a limp or sprain I put her on drops that would help this, however, over the next weeks things didn't change.

I took Kizzy to our holistic vets where they took x-rays and confirmed that it was indeed osteosarcoma - bone cancer, in her rear right leg.

We put her on a grain, wheat and sugar-free diet and she was given homeopathic drops that have been proven to help and quite often cure cancer. Despite this Kizzy broke her leg six weeks later due to the weakness from the cancer, the vet said if the x-ray showed the cancer had spread to her lungs, which happens often with bone cancer, then she would be put to sleep.

Thankfully the x-ray was clear so Kizzy had all her leg removed as the picture of her shows. The statistics are never good and dogs with bone cancer can live anything from a few weeks to about a year even after amputation. Thankfully there are exceptions.

Kizzy is on a vegan diet with tinned wheat/grain free dog food from Ami and Yarrah along with firm tofu, omega 3 oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic green veg, herbal supplements and continued homeopathic support. She has a short walk everyday and loves to explore our fields and occasionally still plays with her favourite tyre/rope toy.

We are asking you to please help with her progress as it is not cheap. We know there are MANY deserving animals out there but if you do feel you could help with our continuing costs with Kizzy, we/she would be so thankful.

Other news

LakeWe are fortunate enough to have an area of water that we would like to develop so we can expand upon the array of wildlife we have visiting and living with us; dragonflies, great-crested newts, damselflies, frogs, toads, the largest bat in the U.K. the Noctule bat, that roosts in our rabbit and guinea pig sheds and many other creatures. We are looking at ways of expanding wildlife protection.

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We said an incredibly sad goodbye to three of our longest residents here at Forget-Me-Not; Noisy Lady and White Beak lady were among the first 16 rescued hens here and they died within two months of each other. Seven years is an exceptional time free of the egg industry, but leaves us bereft of their company.

Iddy was rescued with Biddy who she has left behind with Rebel Lady. Iddy died from the horrendous egg laying problems that hennies get due to the horrific egg laying industry. Iddy loved life and was an example to all of us to make every day a good day, which she always did. She chatted to me everyday and that was when I knew something was wrong; when she stopped talking to me - I miss you loads Iddybops x Tinyman

Tinyman was the male of the first pair of rabbits we rescued. He too had been with us for seven years. he certainly was tiny compared to his partner but they were a brilliant bonded pair despite their sizes.

We only knew Banjo for a relatively short time but he was a lovely friendly rabbit who enjoyed the large enclosures, especially lying on top of the shelters we put out for them, he would always come running up to the fence to see if you had a a treat for him, we miss him.

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Bales of hayWe also have an appeal for hay and straw this year so any amount you can donate would be very welcome.

As ever we wish all our supporters a peaceful and compassionate Christmas. If you aren't already, we encourage you to take part in Veganuary, link below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on any aspect of living a kind and compassionate lifestyle.

Links to Animal Aid, Naturewatch, Animal-free Research UK and Veganuary.

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Thank you

To everyone who has supported us this year especially; David, Elaine, Nicky, Elizabeth, Sally-Ann, Elaine and Paul, Eleana, Melanie, Sarah and Kym. Also thanks to Yellow Chicken House for designing and producing a one off rescued hennie mug - for more ideas for gifts please see their website - Sarah will also design items specifically for you.

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Gift Aid

Please don't forget to Gift Aid your donations as it is the only time we get free money from the government at no expense to yourselves; all you have to do is fill our Gift Aid form or simply email us stating your name and address and that you would like to Gift Aid all donations to Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue.

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Please support Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue

We do not receive any funding and are a non profit rescue our work helping animals is only made possible through the generous support and donations we receive. Please help fund our vital work to rescue animals and protect them from cruelty.

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Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue is in memory of all those animals we have been so fortunate to share our lives with and to those we have never met but have suffered and died in their millions.


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