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We are a local charity, founded on the need to protect all animals from harm and to promote kindness and compassion in society to all livings things. We very much advocate the well-known phrase ‘First do no harm..’ taken from the oath that doctors take.

As a fully trained teacher for over fifteen years I would like to offer you our full educational services that aim work sessions at key stage two through to sixth form. We make it relevant to the National Curriculum and adapt to each session to the individual school’s needs.

We cover:

English Literature, English Language, Food technology, R.E, Citizenship and Art.

For example in English language we put forward arguments from both sides of debates regarding, for example, animal circuses – we explore the case for those who campaign to abolish animal circuses and promote human only acts and those that believe animal circuses allow people to get up close to animals that they would otherwise never see. Some excellent letters and newspaper articles have been written by pupils after this session!

ENGLISH CURRICULUM - (although the following relates to other curriculum areas too)

Language expresses identity, is fundamental to thinking and learning and essential for living in society.

Animals & Us has been designed with precisely this understanding of the role of language in the life of the individual and their place in society.

Animals & Us:

  • Shows the ways in which our thinking about animals is intimately bound up with our ideas about ourselves as individuals and members of societies and cultures.
  • Explores the language of human-animal relations, allowing us to think more carefully about concepts of what it is to be human with the relationships between:
    • Culture and nature
    • Issues of gender and racial difference
    • Notions of empathy, compassion, suffering, freedom, captivity, and justice

Language programmes should be learner-centred, and should encourage creativity, experimentation and critical thinking while providing challenges and high expectations.

Animals & Us provides an ideal opportunity for learner-centred knowledge development.

Animals & Us:

  • Asks students to think carefully about the many assumptions surrounding attitudes to animals.
  • Encourages creative experimentation in thinking, reading, speaking, writing and other modes of language use.
  • Requires high-level critical thought.

Language teaching, learning and assessment should be dynamic, progressive and integrated. Contemporary English curriculum and assessment structure has become so multidisciplinary that perhaps no other subject area requires students and teachers to encompass such a wide range of cultural forms and activities from television to poetry, from advertising to drama, from novels to the internet.

Animals & Us:

  • Focuses on a particular area of cultural conversation and debate: Human-animal relations.
  • Allows students to develop their thinking and skills from task to task, building on work done in other areas as they move to the next.

English programmes should reflect the Curriculum context and should develop knowledge about language, principally through use.

Animals & Us has been designed specifically for the U.K. curriculum. It has been compiled by teachers possess both intimate knowledge of the demands of the English curriculum.

Food technology part of Design and Technology Range and Content 3

h.) healthy eating models relating to a balanced diet, the nutritional needs of different groups in society and the factors affecting food choice and how to take these into account when planning, preparing and cooking meals and products.

This covers vegetarian diets which many food technology teachers choose to look at for their ‘different groups’ part of the curriculum. We can carry out cookery demonstrations and oversee pupils creating vegetarian menus or even cooking their own meal.


Sessions are very reasonably priced compared to the majority of outside agencies and all the money except petrol costs, goes towards the running of the sanctuary.

Pupils have also been inspired to raise funds for us individually or even within the school environment helping to provide them with a socially responsible and caring attitude!

We also have videos, leaflets and magazines from other charities that support our sessions too.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you feel able to use our services.

I very much look forward to hearing from you shortly.


B.Ed Hons, Env Man Dip, Proj Man Dip, Animal Beh/Man Dip

Co. Founder of Forget-me-Not Animal Rescue in Mid-Wales


Morning Session – running approximately 9 – 12 £100 plus petrol (if this includes cookery demonstration ingredients are provided by myself – pupils would have to bring their own!)

Afternoon session – 1.45p.m – 3.45p.m £100 plus same as above

Full day (can include different classes) £150 plus petrol


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Never Forget

Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue is in memory of all those animals we have been so fortunate to share our lives with and to those we have never met but have suffered and died in their millions.


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