Turkey Rugby

November 2021

Below is our turkeys playing rugby with an apple

forget me not flowers

The following video is of gentle Mrs Yellow we saved her life twice. The first was when we rescued her and ten others as tiny chicks, the second was when she nearly choked on a windfall apple. The turkeys will find one and chase each other round eating the apple as they go but this rare occurrence left us finding Mrs. Yellow with another turkey on her back and she had a piece of apple stuck in her beak. The other turkey was unceremoniously pushed off her, the piece of apple removed quickly and she recovered fairly quickly after that, although she was very quiet for the rest of the day.

She is a friendly, vocal turkey who as you can see is moulting on her neck and getting new neck feathers through. She is a delight to have at our rescue and forever our friend not food.

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forget me not flowers

This is Mrs Green

forget me not flowers

This is Mrs Silver

forget me not flowers

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