The Dark Secrets Behind Christmas Turkey Slaughter

July 2023

As you read this, the turkeys who will be slaughtered for Christmas dinner are being brought into the world via artificial insemination. Turkeys’ low fertility and the fact that they have been bred to grow unnaturally large make procreation difficult, so humans have resorted to forcing semen into these unwilling birds with syringes.

In July and August, chicks are hatched. Many are chucked onto conveyer belts to be sorted and examined. Any who are too small or sick to be profitable are viewed as waste products and are either gassed to death or tossed into grinding machines. The beaks of those who aren’t killed immediately may be cut off with a hot blade.

For the next few months, they’ll be kept in dark, filthy sheds. These gentle birds will be less than 26 weeks old when slaughtered. All this misery and pain is just for a Christmas dinner.

The only way to help birds like them is to go vegan..

Turkey poults

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